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Summertime Pet Poisoning Hazards

Quick Tips from a Veterinarian on Keeping Pets Safe

Dog stands in the oceanAre you aware of several overlooked toxins that can threaten the lives of your four-legged companions? The best thing any pet owner can do is to be educated on the summertime toxins that are out there; this way you can make sure to pet proof your house appropriately.Read Story

Caring for Geriatric Pets

Dogs And Cats Living Longer, Healthier Lives

Woman kisses elderly Golden RetrieverJust because your pet is heading into his senior years doesn’t mean you can’t still have the fulfilling relationship you’re used to. Becoming informed about the special needs of older pets is the first step in keeping your pet healthy. With the proper care and attention, your pet might just be there as you enter your golden years. Read Story

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Dog toy bone

Pet Toys

The best pet toys are ones that are safe and can be enjoyed more than once or twice. What's the difference between organic, rubber and stuffed pet toys? What are the most durable toys? Read More

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Emergency Survival Story


Clawdius’ sudden weight loss wasn't a result of a new diet. A visit to the vet revealed he was in the intial stages of hyperthyroidism. Full Story

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Pet Toxins Awareness

Pet Poison Helpline

Summertime Pet Poisoning Hazards

Many common warm weather activities can lead to pet poisoning emergencies. Dr. Justine Lee tells you how to poison-proof your summer and keep your pet safe.

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