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What's Not Covered

VPI uses a benefit schedule, that identifies how much is available for reimbursement per year. So that we can provide quality reimbursements with the most affordable premiums, there are specific exclusions to coverage. Please be sure to read the list below, the "What We Do Not Cover: Exclusions" section of your policy and your Declarations Page for the complete list of exclusions.

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is an injury or illness that began or was contracted, manifested or incurred before the date the policy coverage began. Some pre-existing conditions are temporary and may be covered during the policy term if the condition has been cured for at least six months (medical records from your veterinarian are required). Some pre-existing conditions are permanent and will not be covered.

Congenital Disorders or Developmental Defects

Congenital disorders or developmental defects (PDF) are abnormalities of a body structure or function that is present at birth or is a result of faulty development, whether apparent or not, that can cause illness or disease.

Hereditary Disorders

Hereditary disorders (PDF) are abnormalities that are genetically transmitted from parent to offspring, whether apparent or not, that can cause illness or disease. There are certain breed-specific hereditary conditions that are not covered under the VPI Medical Plan or the VPI Injury Plan. The VPI Major Medical Plan provides limited additional coverage for these hereditary conditions after you've had the policy for a year: $250 annually toward the diagnosis or medical treatment and $500 annually toward surgical treatment.

Cruciate Ligament Injuries Within First 12 Months of Coverage

The diagnosis or treatment of cruciate ligament or meniscal damage or rupture that occurs during the first twelve (12) calendar months of the policy is not covered. Diagnosis and treatment of cruciate ligament injuries after the policy has been continuously in effect for longer than twelve (12) months will be eligible for coverage.

Conditions Not Listed

Your dog may incur conditions that are not included on your policy's benefit schedule and are not covered by VPI. For a list of some of these conditions, please see our conditions not covered and plan restrictions.

VPI Benefit Schedules

Benefit Schedules

VPI plans include a benefit schedule, so you know exactly what's covered and how much reimbursement is available.