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VPI Pet Insurance Reviews

Toblerone’s Emergency Survival Story

We were visiting friends out of state and playing in the snow when Toblerone jumped up to catch a snowball. When he came down, he twisted his leg and we heard a snap like a broomstick. He immediately started screaming and limping and we rushed him to an emergency clinic. The vet at the clinic took one look at him and told us that we would have to see an orthopedist.

So, the next day, in the middle of a blizzard, my husband drove 200 miles to a veterinary orthopedist. Toby had a spiral fracture and needed surgery to put a pin in his leg. Toby is back up to walking three miles a day and he doesn’t even have a limp. There were so many things that could have been worse, including no VPI, but I was just so thankful for the way things turned out. VPI covered so much more than what I expected; it really helped us financially. After this I just think people would have to be insane not to have VPI for their pets. Thank you so much!

—The Hanson Family

The expenses for Toblerone’s veterinary treatment totaled $898.

VPI reimbursed the Hanson family $750.