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VPI Pet Insurance Reviews

Two Terriers’ Taste for Trouble

We were having trouble with a gopher in the backyard so, unbeknownst to me, my husband put some poison in the gopher hole, filled it in, and placed several heavy flagstones over the top to keep our terriers away. That night, Pepper and Ginger went out for their potty breaks. An hour later, they both started throwing up violently. My husband walked to the backyard and noticed the dogs had moved the flagstones and dug up the poison. Turns out there is something in the poison that makes it smell and taste good.

That night, Ginger and Pepper were put on IVs and had their livers monitored for several days. It took a while before they fully recovered. It was expensive, but at the time we didn’t think about the cost; we just thought we’d do anything to save our dogs. It was nice to know we had VPI Pet Insurance to help with the expense. We will always be more careful with what we put in the yard and, thankfully, we will always have VPI.

—The Rusnak Family

The expenses for Pepper and Ginger’s veterinary treatment totaled $1859.

VPI reimbursed the Rusnak family $1,137.