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Nine Out of 10 Veterinarians Prefer VPI

Study Reveals Why VPI Is the Veterinary Preference

When your veterinarian provides you with a diagnosis and recommends treatment, are you financially prepared for the cost to help your ailing pet? Would it surprise you to learn that more and more veterinarians are suggesting pet health insurance as a financial healthcare solution?

In fact, nine out of 10 veterinarians recommend VPI Pet Insurance as their preferred pet health insurance provider, according to a study conducted by ACI Research.*

Three Reasons Veterinarians Prefer VPI Pet Insurance

  1. 1

    Veterinarians recognize VPI’s longstanding stability and commitment to pet owners. Founded by veterinarians more than 25 years ago, VPI’s mission is to “empower pet owners to work with their veterinarians to make optimal healthcare decisions for their pets.”

  2. 2

    Veterinarians trust that VPI has your pet’s best interest in mind. The company is supported by an independent Veterinary Advisory Board, which provides ongoing insight and guidance on pet health trends.

  3. 3

    Veterinarians know that VPI is staffed with experts. More than 10 veterinarians and 60 veterinary technicians work for VPI, and each participates in continuing education to stay current on advances in veterinary medicine.

The Trusted Leader

Ninety-four percent of veterinarians identify VPI as the leader in health insurance for pets, according to ACI Research. With nearly half a million of America’s pets currently enrolled in a VPI policy, and nine out of 10 veterinarians recommending VPI, there is one clear leader you can trust to insure your pet's health.

*ACI Custom Research, September 2006; of veterinarians who recommend pet health insurance

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