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How VPI Works

Pets insured by VPI have been through it all—and every step of the way, VPI has been there, helping their owners during tough times. See reviews from real policyholders about how VPI works to safeguard their pets against the unexpected.

Using Your Policy Is Easy

  1. 1

    Visit Any Veterinarian

    With the convenience of our portable policies, you can visit any licensed veterinarian worldwide. Simply pay for treatment at the time of service.

  2. 2

    Submit Your Claim

    Fax or mail our easy-to-use claim form along with your invoices. Once we’ve received the information, you’ll receive confirmation that your claim is being processed.

  3. 3

    Receive Reimbursement

    After meeting your policy’s deductible, you are reimbursed according to your plan’s benefit schedule allowance or the eligible invoice amount, whichever is less.

The VPI Difference


As the nation’s oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, VPI has a proven track record of protecting pets—for life. You can rest assured that we’ll be here, whether you enroll your pet at six weeks or six years.


Nine out of 10 veterinarians who recommend pet insurance recommend VPI.* With the support of so many veterinary professionals, it’s easy to feel confident about choosing to protect your pet with us.


We cover chronic and recurring conditions (that are not pre-existing) at no extra charge. Plus, continuing your coverage with us ensures that conditions for claims made during a policy term are not considered pre-existing on the next term.


Over the years, we’ve paid out more than $300 million in claims. As leaders in the industry, our goal is to bring you the highest quality product at affordable prices. By limiting coverage for hereditary conditions, we’re able to offer you coverage that fits your pet health budget.


Our published benefit schedule takes the guesswork out of figuring out what’s covered. Also, the number of claims you file will not affect your rates, even on your next policy term.


All VPI policies come with the convenience of portable protection. You’re free to use any licensed veterinarian, with no pre-certification required. Your pet is covered anytime, anywhere in the world!

*ACI Custom Research, Sept. 2006

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