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About VPI

History, Industry Leadership & Customer Service

VPI Group Photo of California Employees

History of the VPI Pet Insurance Company

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More than thirty years ago, our company set out to design an invaluable product for America’s pet lovers: medical insurance for companion animals. By pioneering pet health insurance in America, our goal was to help pet owners everywhere afford the best possible veterinary care. In fact, since the first VPI Pet Insurance policy was issued to television’s “Lassie,” our track record of protecting dogs, cats and exotics has earned us the reputation as the largest pet insurer in the U.S.; since 1982, we’ve insured more than one million pets.

“We empower pet owners to work with their veterinarian in making optimal health care decisions for their pets.”

VPI Pet Insurance Mission Statement

Founded in part by 750 veterinarians in 1980, their influence, guidance and support have helped make us the industry leader. To date, VPI employs 11 veterinarians and more than 60 experienced veterinary technicians, each with vast knowledge of veterinary medicine and a deep adoration for animals.

Striking a delicate balance of medical expertise and business savvy, we are also run by some of the most seasoned insurance professionals. In 2008, we further strengthened our industry presence and reputation by joining the Nationwide® family of companies, one of the largest insurance and financial services corporations in the world.

All of us share an unbridled passion for pets and a deep desire to preserve the bond between pet lovers and their cherished companions.

Industry Innovation

Working in tandem with the veterinary community allows VPI to stay abreast of pet health trends and current veterinary practices so that we may continuously create new products for our customers.

VPI currently has seven affordable products that cover chronic and recurring conditions that are not pre-existing at no extra charge, with no lifetime limits.

VPI covers exotic pets too

Because VPI knows preventive care is essential to a pet’s long-term health, we were the first provider to offer policyholders routine care coverage, which provides guaranteed reimbursements for a wide range of wellness care.

VPI is also the only provider to offer coverage for exotics, including avian, rabbits, reptiles, frogs, and unusual pets such as hedgehogs, groundhogs and ferrets.

So that policyholders can get the greatest value out of their pet’s premiums, VPI’s major medical plans are structured around a benefit schedule, so that pet owners know up front how much is available for reimbursement per condition.

Customer Service

International Customer Management Institute's 2010 Global Call Center of the Year Awards semi-finalistsVPI’s dedicated team of 116 customer care experts and licensed sales agents are here to ensure that customers receive the highest level of quality and care. In fact, VPI’s overall staff consists of nearly 500 talented and qualified employees in California and Colorado, each committed to customer advocacy.

VPI offers customers an easy, three-step claim submission process with a prompt turnaround for the majority of reimbursements. Policyholders can quickly process claims online, via e-mail, fax or and, with the easy-to-access Policyholder Portal, keep track of their policies and download pre-printed claim forms.

Customer service is an integral part of our job, which is why more than 80% of our policyholders would refer friends and family to VPI.

†Western Wats NPS Study July 2009

VPI believes that when customers enroll a pet, they’re not just buying a policy—they’re also joining a family of professionals with decades of pet health knowledge, expertise and dedication to customer service.

Recognized as one of the International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) 2010 Global Call Center of the Year Awards semi-finalists, VPI is dedicated to delivering a world-class experience for every customer, and continuously improving the talents of our customer care representatives.

VPI Timeline


Veterinary Pet Services, Inc. is founded with the financial support of 750 independent veterinarians. We are the first company of its kind to create an original pet health insurance product for America’s pets.


We sold our first policy to TV’s “Lassie,” then quickly sold an explosive amount of policies to protect dogs and cats throughout California.


We are the first company to begin selling pet insurance policies nationwide.


We are the first company to introduce routine care coverage because we care about extending the quality of your pet’s life with preventive treatments such as dental care, annual vaccinations and heartworm prevention.


We are the first company to have pet insurance policies approved in all 50 states. As well as the first to offer an employee benefits program, so you can receive a group discount on your VPI Pet Insurance policy through your participating employer.


Understanding that pets come in all shapes and species, we’re the first company to offer an insurance policy and routine care coverage for birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and other exotics with our Avian & Exotic Pet Plan.


Together with The Iams Company, one of the nation’s largest pet food manufacturers, we create a new alliance to build awareness about the importance of a nutritious diet combined with regular veterinary care to maintain your pet’s good health.


By this time, more than one million of America’s pets have been insured with a VPI Pet Insurance policy, maintaining VPI’s leadership as the largest pet health insurance provider in the nation.


We celebrated 25 years of protecting America’s pets. In August, we launched two new enhanced preventive care plans on a state-by-state basis. The CareGuard® Core and Premier coverage offers you higher reimbursements and additional wellness benefits.


VPI joins the Nationwide® family of companies, one of the largest insurance and financial services corporations in the world.


In February, we begin to offer a variety of new, versatile plans for pets on a state-by-state basis: Injury Plan, Feline Select, and the Major Medical and Medical Plans, that offer customizable coverage with a choice of four deductibles.